Your activity as a chance for a better job

The Foundation realized the project in cooperation with Zespół Szkół No. 2 in Chęciny. The project was addressed to students of the following faculties: mechatronics, IT, and hotel industry. The aim of the undertaking was to provide students with comprehensive educational support: motivate them to learn a profession and work on self-improvement, equalize education level as well as to enable students to obtain appropriate certificates and, most importantly, professional experience.

Attractive training courses in vocational subjects (mechatronics, computer science, and hotel industry) were organized within the project. Additionally, a series of English classes that took almost 300 hours was organized. Students had the opportunity to improve their professional qualifications through participation in barista and bartender courses, useful for future hotel technicians. For students studying in mechatronic and IT classes, thematic trips were organized, due to which they had a chance to see working conditions, machines, and tools. They got to know the mechanisms of operation of enterprises and the specificity of the functioning of their departments. As a part of the project professional internships were organized. Moreover, entrepreneurs were invited to the events to talk about their experiences in managing companies in order to familiarize students with practical aspects of running a business.