The Biobord Network originates from the Baltic Sea Region – a region known for its amble natural resources as well as technological and environmental knowledge. The network was established by some of the leading and emerging bioeconomy regions around the Baltic Sea – Central Finland, Inland Region (Norway), Vidzeme (Latvia), Świętokrzyskie (Poland) and Estonia. The founding regions have long traditions in bio-based business as well as smart specialization strategies that prioritize knowledge-based, sustainable bioeconomy to drive rural development.

The regions shared an aspiration to strengthen their regional innovation processes with stronger international co-operation. Joint Action Plans were drawn to identify common interests in bioeconomy development and to steer cross-regional co-operation. Biobord platform with a joint operating model was created for innovation co-operation. The platform enables the regions to tap into a wider pool of talent and expertise as well as offers access to innovation support and networks across the bioeconomy regions. This process was supported by the RDI2CluB -project and ConnectedByBiobord -extension project both co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.