“Think globally, act locally” – a civic education program

“Think globally, act locally” project was addressed to high-schoolers from Sandomierz. It involved a series of activities in the field of civic education focused on the issue of migration and its impact on the life of local communities and related issues of multiculturalism and diversity of Polish society.

The most important element of the project was the implementation of civic initiatives in the local community.

The project involved:

  • Developing a program of workshops for students (a result of joint work of experts and teaching staff).
  • Workshops that enabled preparing young people to the implementation of local projects (they were introduced to the project by a migration expert, some classes were conducted using the applied drama method).
  • Gala summarizing civic projects realized by the high-schoolers (presentation of initiatives, meeting with teachers, local authorities, local NGO activists).
  • Preparation of a summary in the form of e-publication (description of the implemented activities and postulates developed by the participants of the project, recommendations for the future).

One of the effects of the project was the increase of the level of knowledge, awareness, and interest of young people regarding civic education, with particular emphasis on migration and its impact on the life of local communities. The project also helped to strengthen local identity of the participants and deepen their interest in the region, its history, inhabitants, and local affairs, as well as to discover the resources of the community and to shape the interest in its future.

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