International opportunity for the bioeconomy

With the beginning of January 2023, the international project ‘BioBoosters – boosting the circular transition’ began. The Polish entity in this project is PRO CIVIS.

The basic objective of the project is to increase the level of innovation of companies already working – or planning to work – in the bioeconomy and circular economy. The project delivers 18 international hackathons, i.e. a special type of workshop (creativity and innovation competition), where participants will be asked to solve a specific economic, technological or social challenge. Two of these international bio-economic hackathons take place in Kielce (2024 and 2025). Participants to these hackathons will be innovators from across the Baltic Sea Region (Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Germany and Poland).  Participants include SMEs, start – ups, scientific groups, student teams and individuals. Innovators will be faced with challenges posed to them by large Polish companies.

Importantly – the Polish innovators (SMEs, start – ups, research clubs, student teams, individuals) will also be able to take part in the remaining 16 international hackathons (the first of which will launch as early as July / August 2023). During these hackathons, innovators will face challenges from large Scandinavian, German and Baltic companies. This will be a unique opportunity for the players to establish sustainable and profitable international business relationships.

PRO CIVIS plays one of key roles in the project. Our Foundation will not only be the host for the two hackathons and the ‘regional representative’, so to speak, for the other 16 international events. It is also a strategic task of PRO CIVIS to carry out a quantitative and qualitative evaluation and assessment of all 18 transnational events and to prepare Europe-wide recommendations on the usefulness and further development of bio-economic hackathons.

The project is also a very good opportunity to see and implement European best practice in bio-economy business. Participants in the project include renowned and business – oriented universities (Finland, Estonia), innovation hubs (Sweden, Germany, Lithuania) and entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea Region countries. Polish activity is also highlighted by the organisations associated with the project, which are: Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Ltd., Kielce City Hall – Investor Assistance Centre, The Center for Business Promotion and Entrepreneurship, Swietokrzyski Union of Private Employers Lewiatan and Association for Świętokrzyskie Rural Area Development.

The project officially kicked off with an international event hosted by JAMK University, Finland. During the meeting, an expert panel was organised with the participation of, among others, the Mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta.

The project “BioBoosters – boosting the circular transition” is co-financed by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region 2021 – 2027 programme.

The founder and President of PRO CIVIS, who was also the co – creator of the BioBooster project, Mr.  Tadeusz Pęczek emphasises: “I hope that the bioeconomy and circular economy projects we are conducting and implementing, both those of an innovative and entrepreneurial nature and those of a R&D type, will add value on the path of the green transformation and significantly increase the competitiveness of this dynamically developing sector of the economy”.


The contact person for the project is:
Karolina Misztal
Communication Manager
Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue „PRO CIVIS”
phone number: 889 838 329