Integration of key competences into the education system of Montenegro – project realized in cooperation with EPRD

One of the main goals of the project is to support the development of the national key competence curriculum framework of Montenegro and, more specifically, STEM competences. It will, in addition, ensure that education programs guiding STEM education at primary and secondary levels are fit for purpose and that the initial and continuing teacher development programs are leading to the improvements in the processes and outcomes of STEM education.

The project also serves the purpose of designing and implementing capacity building for primary and secondary teachers with regard to skills of modernizing teaching practices and use of produced guidelines. The training purpose is to raise understanding of complex teaching and learning goals and master rudimentary of modern didactic teaching and learning methodologies.

The project is also aimed at developing and offering training program for the implementation of key competences and STEM competences. The basic idea is to create a STEM framework, as well as to train teachers and develop teacher guidelines.

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