Entrepreneurial learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina education systems – Phase II – project realized in cooperation with EPRD

The overall objective of the project was to contribute to increased employability of the labor force through reducing a gap between systems of education and labor. The specific purpose of the project was to further develop human resources and institutional capacities in entrepreneurial learning in order to increase overall competitiveness.

The project encompassed designing basic integrated/cross-curricular curricula with EL competences for ISCED level 2, ISCED level 3 – general education and curricula for ISCED level 3 – VET and non-formal education, and provision of assistance in the implementation of the Programs in schools. The project team has received over 45 subject and cross‐curricular preparations and over 20 project descriptions from pilot school teachers applying for the Programs. Good examples were selected and adopted by WG 1 during its third meeting and became a part of overall Programs and guidelines for its implementation.

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