Elite education

The Foundation in cooperation with the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences has implemented the “Elite Education” project addressed to Warsaw high school students. The project referred to the elements serving as the basis of teaching: reading comprehension, nondependent argumentation and formulation of conclusions. There were also tasks encouraging creative awareness combined with exercises allowing vocabulary expansion. Abovementioned skills helped students recognize the conceptual complexities being a part of the analyzed problem. Due to their participation in organized classes, students can easily work with text that they interpret with regard to both its internal and external networks (culture/art/literature/philosophy). They also learned numerous new terms, which enabled them to successfully formulate conclusions and make observations.

Within the project, the Foundation implemented a series of seminars conducted by qualified academic staff, due to which the students gained substantial knowledge, but also improved their skills related to the construction and expression of their own judgements and conducting discussions.