Development of Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina – project realized in cooperation with EPRD

The main goal of the project was to strengthen the quality and efficiency of the education systems including the provision of adult learning and to contribute to increasing the comparability of education systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina with education systems in the EU based on the EU Strategy 2020 and European Qualification Frames. Project objectives were achieved by the following actions:

  • Developing, piloting and implementing the Baseline Qualification Frames in Bosnia and Herzegovina for vocational education training and adult learning, including relevant guidelines, reports, and capacity building support,
  • Developing and establishing methodologies and procedures for validation of non-formal and informal learning, based on relevant learning outcomes and specified standards,
  • Developing information system on skills needs identification for employers for lifelong learning,
  • Preparing recommendations on improving the efficiency of vocational education training and adult education financing.

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