The foundation takes up actions for the development of the entrepreneurship; it supports the initiatives for the rural areas as well as small and medium towns. It also provides individual and institutional support.

The Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue “Pro Civis” takes up initiatives for fighting the unemployment and reducing its outcomes. It activates the long-term unemployed people and those at risk of dismissal. It takes measures for increasing the employment of the youth, people in the pre-retirement age and the disabled. Through organizing trainings and courses the foundation positively affects the development of professional qualifications of the people who are at risk of dismissal.

Through incorporating local communities in the decision-making processes the foundation strengthens social participation. It also initiates and supports various cutting-edge projects and thus helps the families at risk of marginalization and social exclusion. At the same time it supports and initiates actions for the development of education, including civic education.

Agricultural use of waste

Circular Economy Value Chain Publication

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Creation of Bio-Based Bioeconomy Education Centres

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Biobord platform supported by the RDI2CluB project

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Smart Bioeconomy Clusters and Innovation Ecosystems

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Experimental line

Dry distillation process (pyrolysis)

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ITTM Institute for Technics and Technology Management

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