Experimental demonstration line suitable for the dry distillation process (pyrolysis)

„Pro Civis” Foundation together with one of its business partners owns an experimental demonstration line suitable for the dry distillation process (pyrolysis) of biomass. Biorefining of the biomass is performed in anaerobic conditions, in a 500-litre reactor of maximum temperature of 600 Celsius degrees. As a result of the process biomass disintegrates to wood coal (solid fraction), wood gas (gaseous fraction), water distillate and pine tar (liquid fraction). Physical and chemical denotement of received fractions is performed by New Chemical Syntheses Institute in Pulawy. Fractioning and distillation of oil substances is conducted in our own laboratory equipped with a modern distillation system (distillation column with impletion) enabling high efficiency, wide spectrum, and high purity of received substances.

Installation is equipped with a process monitoring system, cooling and heat recovery system, as well as gases capturing and purifying system enabling their recirculation and further use for energizing the reactor in order to maintain proper temperature. The pressure and temperature of the whole process are constantly monitored. Additionally, the installation uses exhaust gases filter and emitter channeling combustion gases outside the room.

The system is also equipped with tanks for biorefining products’ accumulation as well as valves enabling sampling of the products at all stages of the process.

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